Key Pillars


Technology is the cornerstone of our business, from our new booking app keeping us responsive to client needs, to our custom designed, cutting edge database which maintains our position at the forefront of candidate management. We seek out and embrace technological advancements that will make the services we provide better, easier to access and best value. We believe that technology, when used in tandem with solid customer service, can be the critical factor in staying relevant and effective in an ever-changing environment.


Class Professionals is a business developed by teachers. 20 years specialising in education recruitment is preceded by 20 years hands-on teaching experience from grass roots to principal. All our office professionals have first-hand experience in teaching or early years as well as comprehensive knowledge and expertise in recruitment practice. We believe this is what sets us apart - knowing the challenges faced gives us a unique understanding of the pressures encountered daily in the education and early years environments.

Customer Service

Open and transparent lines of communication are a priority. We strive to develop positive partnerships by working in collaboration with you, listening to and acting on feedback, and delivering a service that is relevant, responsive and best value. We foster an individual approach to communication that suits your needs and preferences, be that through email, telephone or face to face interaction, with the primary aim of developing robust, professional relationships built for longevity. Consistent, accessible, reliable service of the highest standard is our goal.

Screening and Quality

The provision of top quality candidates is fundamental to our success. You demand excellence and we must meet your exacting standards. Our ability to identify, screen and supply excellent, passionate and talented team members is a crucial factor in building confidence and trust. We understand that you depend on our diligence, consequently, our screening and induction processes are thorough and rigorous to ensure the quality of staffing in your school or early years centre remains consistently high. You, ultimately, are our barometer for success, and we take your feedback extremely seriously.