Our Specialist Recruiter

Meg Melville has held several roles in the education sector in Western Australia and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in education to this role. Her experience in leadership roles spans 20 years, with much of this time involved in the recruitment of staff to senior roles, seeking not only a “good fit” for the organisation but more importantly, individuals who will make a significant and positive difference to the students, staff, and the school community more broadly. 

As an educational specialist, Meg brings the breadth of knowledge required to the recruitment process across the domains of teaching and learning, student and staff wellbeing, professional learning, curriculum, and co-curricular programs, engaging stakeholders, strategic planning and risk management. She brings knowledge of the challenges, complexities and opportunities associated with these roles, particularly at the executive level.

Our Expertise

The executive search team at Class Professionals follows a comprehensive briefing process to determine the needs and expectations of our partner organisations. Together with our partners, we identify the skills and attributes required to find the best candidate for their organisation, with a focus on future success.  

Our team brings expertise in various areas of the educational sector, such as strategic planning, data analysis, professional development, learning strategies, student well-being, risk management, and diversity and inclusion. 

We know the right questions to ask to gain insight into a candidate’s suitability and manage the entire search process from start to finish, with follow-up at 6 and 12 months. Our process is informed by benchmarking of educational standards and best practice, including the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and independent education sector knowledge.

The Process

Our executive search process is comprehensive and includes multiple steps to ensure that we find the best-suited candidates for our partners. We begin with an initial discussion with the board or representatives of the board, followed by a consultation with the community if necessary. We then review the position statement and develop a strategy for seeking potential candidates, leveraging networks, and placing advertisements.

Our team conducts initial screening and shortlisting of applicants and selects an interview panel. We determine interview questions and conduct round 1 interviews, followed by shortlisting for round 2 interviews that include performance tasks. We identify the preferred candidate and discuss the remuneration package, followed by personality and psychometric testing and reference and background checks.

Once we offer the position to the preferred candidate and finalise the package and contract signing, we continue to maintain a feedback loop with our selection panel at 6 and 12-month milestones. We also assist with transition planning and coordination and offer executive mentoring as required. Our extensive process ensures that we find the most suitable candidates to drive the success of our partner organisations.

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