Our Values

  • Sincerity

Our commitment to our brand, vision, and values is sincere. We don’t pretend to be flawless because we’re not. We strive to be as open and honest as possible.

  • Respect

We are all involved in growth and strive to always be mindful of one another. We possess empathy and are aware that we cannot accomplish everything on our own.

  • Collaboration

Our partners and team members are consistently given priority because aligning their needs with our objectives enables us to concentrate and make a meaningful difference.

  • Gratitude

We don’t consider success a given. We are grateful for this purpose, our stakeholders, and each other.

  • Optimism

Our aim is to influence the experiences and journeys of customers with a positive outlook, while consistently maintaining an accepting and solution-focused approach.

Our Approach

Effective Synergies

At Class Professionals, we value the collaborative partnerships we have with our partners across the early years, education, and aged care sectors. Our track record includes successful partnerships with some of the largest childcare providers in Australia, leading schools in both public and private education sectors, and established residential and home care providers in the aged care sector.

Our dedicated personal approach enables us to work closely with our partners, ensuring that we present stand-out candidates who are the perfect fit to represent their organisation.

Excellence In Service

At Class Professionals our Talent Acquisition team make it a priority to take the time to listen and understand your staffing needs, so they can work collaboratively with you on finding the perfect solutions and attract the perfect candidates for our partners.

After conducting interviews and screening processes with our Talent Acquisition team, we ensure that the majority of our candidates are exclusively registered with Class Professionals. This helps to ensure that our partners receive exceptional staffing solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Custom-Tailored Needs

At Class Professionals, we understand that every partner organisation we work with is unique. That's why we take a custom-tailored approach to every staffing solution we provide. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work, especially in today's competitive job market.

Our custom-tailored approach means that we take the time to understand our partner's specific needs, requirements, and culture. By taking a custom-tailored approach, we are able to present our partners with stand-out candidates that are a perfect fit for their organisation.

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