March 29, 2023

What Makes a Good Relief Teacher Great?

In general, great relief teachers are confident, flexible, happy to work in different environments and have a willingness to travel.

There are, however, some practical tips to help make relief teaching a successful and satisfying experience for everyone involved.


GET THERE EARLY –by arriving early you can familiarise yourself with the school’s behavioural policy, staff toilets, tea and coffee facilities, where you can prepare resources, the timetable for the day and any class rules. If possible arrive in time for the morning briefing, leave after the children and always speak to head/deputy prior to leaving. AND call us if you are running late!

FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT – be helpful, happy and respectful. Be well presented and appropriately dressed and make a point of introducing yourself to other teachers and staff. Leaving a positive impression will increase the opportunity of future placements.

ALWAYS FOLLOW THE PRE-SET TEACHING PLAN – as a priority you must find out if there is pre-set work for the class. There almost, always will be. If there is, it is vital that you follow that plan, to keep the pupils on track and maintain continuity in their learning journey. It is also important to have some back up teaching ideas prepared, just in case you need them.

BE FOCUSSED ON THE PUPILS – make yourself aware of any children with particular needs and find out about the daily classroom routines. Sticking to their routine will reassure the pupils and make the teaching transition easier.

LEAVE THE CLASSROOM NEAT AND TIDY – every little bit helps, and the next person to use the classroom will appreciate your efforts.

DIFFERENT SCHOOLS, DIFFERENT WAYS – every school works in it’s own way, you may have to adjust your teaching style to suit the school. Be aware of different classroom management styles and adapt your teaching methods to match.


* Don’t leave the school grounds during your placement.

* Don’t leave your class unattended.

* Don’t be late.

* Don’t forget to smile!


BE OPEN AND HONEST – It’s our job to make sure both yours’ and the school’s needs are met. We need to know if you enjoyed your day or not, that way we can make sure we find the perfect fit for your next placement.

UPDATE YOUR AVAILABILITY – by keeping us up to date on when you can and can’t work we can maximise your opportunities.

REMEMBER, if you are in a school through Class Professionals you can’t work for that school direct.  Future bookings MUST come via us.  If requested by a member of the school administration just pass them onto us and we will happily make the booking for them.