March 29, 2023

Top Tips When Applying for Teaching Jobs

How to make sure your teaching application stands out in a good way!

The Class Professionals team would like to share our ‘top tips’ for success.

 Tailor It

  • Show that your values are aligned with the position you are applying for.  Do your research and show that you are going to “add value”.  Don’t send a generic letter.

Structure your letter

  • Bullet points and short paragraphs can help to emphasise points.  Always start with your most recent experience and work backwards.

Don’t leave any blanks

  • Make sure you include ALL professional development.

Sell yourself

  • Don’t think that your skills are irrelevant.  If you can play the piano, mention it, it may not be relevant to that particular position, but it is an added skill and might help to draw attention to your application!

Don’t forget the kids

  • Show awareness of the students’ needs and the wider local community.

Prove you can have an impact

  • Focus on your knowledge, practice and engagement.  ‘Unpack’ evidence rather than making general claims.

Proofread, Proofread and Proofread again!

  • You would be surprised at how many resumes we receive with very simple spelling errors.  One of the most common is School Principal spelt as Principle!