March 29, 2023

How to Be an Excellent Relief Early Years Educator

Great relief educators are confident, flexible and happy to adapt to new environments.  Here are the top qualities and industry tips for becoming an excellent early years educator!


  • FRIENDLY – one of the most important qualities of a great childcare worker is friendliness, remember to say hello, smile and be welcoming.
  • SENSE OF HUMOUR – applying a sense of humour to challenging situations can create a positive environment.
  • PATIENCE – Leave all frustration and anger at the front door, as working in childcare means short attention spans, lack of self-control and repetition.  Patience is a virtue and will help you deal with the daily demands of childcare.
  • A GENUINE ENTHUSIASM FOR WORKING WITH CHILDREN – to succeed, you must want to make a difference to every child, motivate then in their learning journey and help them overcome any obstacles and challenges they face.
  • GREAT COMMUNICATION SKILLS – effective communication at all levels is essential.  An ability to communicate with the children, with other childcare workers and with parents is a guaranteed route to success.


  • GET THERE EARLY – by arriving early you can familiarise yourself with the Centre’s policies, routines, layout and any expectations for the day.  Always speak to the Centre Manger or 2IC on arrival and prior to leaving.  AND call US if you are running late!
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT – be helpful, happy and respectful.  Be well-presented and appropriately dressed and make a point of introducing yourself to other staff.  Leaving a positive impression will increase the opportunity of future placements.
  • GO ABOVE AND BEYOND – as a priority, you must find out where you fit in the centre’s plan for the day.  There almost, always will be a plan.  If there is, jump straight in, use your initiative and become a valuable part of the team.
  • BE NEAT AND TIDY – every little bit helps, make sure you tidy up each areas as you go, as the next person to use it will appreciate your efforts.
  • BE UP TO DATE WITH EYLF AND NQS – it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the early years framework and quality standards.  This will allow you to slot straight into the centre’s schedule and ensure the management have confidence in your abilities.


  • Don’t leave the centre during your placement.
  • Don’t leave the children unattended.
  • Don’t be late.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone during work hours.
  • Don’t take photos of the children or the centre.
  • Don’t smoke on, or near the premises.
  • Don’t forget to smile!


  • BE OPEN AND HONEST – It’s our job to make sure both yours’ and the childcare centre’s needs are met.  We need to know if you enjoyed your day or not, that way we can make sure we find the perfect fit for your next placement.
  • UPDATE YOUR AVAILABILITY – by keeping us up to date on when you can and can’t work we can maximise your opportunities.

REMEMBER, if you are in a centre through Class Professionals you can’t work for that centre direct.  Future bookings MUST come via us.  If requested by a member of the administration, just pass them onto us and we will happily make the booking for them.