March 29, 2023

Encouraging Positive Behaviour

We found some great tips on the Raising Children Network parenting website, for encouraging positive behaviour.

  1. Children do as you do so always behave in a manner you would like your children to follow.
  2. Show your children how you feel, if they have upset you, then tell them why in a simple way they will understand, instilling empathy at a young age is important.
  3. Catch them being ‘good’ and praise them immediately.
  4. Get down to your child’s level it always seems less intimidating.
  5. Keep promises and stick to agreements.
  6. Choose your battles.
  7. Whining: be strong and don’t give in!
  8. Responsibility and consequences.
  9. Say it once and move on.
  10. Make your child feel important.
  11. Above all – maintain a sense of humour!

Also included is a video link that explains the above tips in an entertaining format.  Check it out at