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We provide relief, short-term, and long-term job opportunities for candidates seeking to work in the early year’s sector.


We provide a variety of job opportunities for individuals interested in working within the education sector, including relief, short-term, and long-term positions.

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We provide a wide array of employment opportunities for individuals who are interested in working in the aged care sector.

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As a leading recruitment agency based in Australia, we specialise in sourcing and placing top talent within our partner organisations. We offer day-to-day relief, contract, and long-term recruitment, and we take pride in working closely with passionate and ambitious candidates to deliver exceptional outcomes in the market.
At the core of our business, we value sincere relationships with our partner organisations and prioritise customer satisfaction through a collaborative approach. Our guiding principles of respect, optimism, and gratitude further reinforce our commitment to excellence.

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I have been with Class Professionals as a relief teacher, for about 22 years and have spoken with a range of consultants in that time. Each and every time, the contact has been professional, personalised, friendly and accommodating.

Speaking to a person at the end of the line - and not an electronic message - is quite revolutionary in these times too, and ensures the position is tailored to my skills and radius.

In addition, the opportunity to say "no" to a job is always respected and - quite, pamperingly - other offers, on the same day ensue to simply cater - where possible - to my strengths and preferences ! These aspects are greatly appreciated and serve to increase my commitment to any work I do, whilst wearing the Class Professionals badge.

The Class Professionals app is also user friendly ! I have not experienced tricky convolutions, loop holes or confusions. and to one who is not as techno-savvy as she should be, this is major plus. Thank you for investing, so that it is quick and hassle-free.

In conclusion, on 2 occasions in my 22 years I have had to call in sick for a scheduled relief day. There are no repercussions or black listing, just an understanding that unexpected things happen in the lives of relief teachers too ! All I received were good wishes for my daughter's speedy recovery and then, my own.

I'm very grateful to be included in the Class Professionals community and thank you sincerely for all the work opportunities you have provided me with over the years.



I joined CP in August 2020 with a little fear as I didn't know what to expect, however I was instantly put to ease with the professional and happy conversations with the recruiters and their interest in my goals as a professional relief person. I always asked honest questions even if silly ones, and with that attitude throughout my years with CP, I've been rewarded with the same openness and care. Even when work opportunities are slim, I know that CP will find me a job to suit my needs - that is what I count on.


Early Childhood Educator

A big shout out to Sam and the team at Class Professionals. I've just finished my first week at an amazing school in Karratha and the staff have been so welcoming and supportive. Thanks guys for putting my name forward and your support you have given me before I arrived 11/10!!



Sam, I sincerely thank you and your team for giving me relief work this year. I also appreciate the schools I have worked at, the staff were very supportive and welcoming. I would love to continue to work with you in future. Kind Regards!



Class Professionals are so flexible for relief teachers! You can use the app to say what days you aren't available, and even give them places or regions where you can't go. They've given me so much work over the years. Highly recommended



Working for Class Professionals has been a highlight in my working experience. I'm 63y of age so I have been around (worked 7y for AstraZeneca that has been positively represented in the news) and am planning to enjoy my work many more years in the future. I feel I am highly respected as a team member, supported if there is a challenging situation from clients and my personal life situation is respected when arranging working hours and distance to work. I highly recommend CP to anyone looking for work or services in early learning childcare.


Early Childhood Educator

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