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We are busy processing new candidates in both childcare and education. As part of our quality checks we are contacting referees and coming across some common problems: out of date referee details; personal referees instead of professional ones; non-industry referees and referees who have not been informed by the candidate!

Never under-estimate the power of your referees, they can be the deciding factor in your getting the job offer. Similarly, ...having one bad - or lukewarm - reference could cost you the job. Here are some tips when adding referees to your resume:

5 Key rules when choosing a great referee!

1. Make sure your referee choices are relevant to the position.
Choose people who can speak highly of your accomplishments, work ethic, skills, education and performance, and ensure that you have their up to date contact details to pass on to your prospective employer.

2. A referee who can speak for your recent experience is important.
References should come from previous supervisors and co-workers whom you worked closely with in the past and you should avoid listing family members.

3. Always get permission to use someone as a referee.
Before you even think of listing someone as a reference, be sure to ask whether the person would be comfortable serving as a referee for you.

4. Keep your referees informed.
Make sure each referee has a copy of your most current resume, knows your key accomplishments and skills, and is aware of the jobs/positions you are seeking.

5. Be sure to thank your referees for their help.
Don't forget to say thank you once your current job search is complete.

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