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New Team Member1

Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Ranitha Ravichandar and I have been working through Class Professionals as a relief teacher and childcare educator for the past 7 years. 

I am now delighted to join the office team as a Recruitment Consultant specialising in all aspects of the early childhood sector.

I have been working in the early childhood industry for the last 24 years and my career started in Singapore, prior to moving to Melbourne and finally settling in sunny Perth!

For the last 3 years I have been working as a trainer and assessor for Certificate III, Diploma and Education Support students.  Many of you may already be familiar to me in this capacity.

I am very excited to undertake this new role and look forward to speaking with many of you in the coming weeks!

TRBWA–Is this enough to teach?


The Teacher Registration Act 2012 (Act) requires all teachers who are teaching in Western Australian schools and other educational venues to be registered with the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australian (TRBWA), so in short, the answer is Yes……… 

However, even though a TRBWA is a mandatory requirement to teach in all schools in Western Australia, the TRBWA alone will enable you to teach in private schools only.

Top Tips for Relief Teaching

be organised

You would be surprised how many times we are asked ………….. so we thought we would share our top tips for a day’s relief teaching with you.


As a relief teacher, there is very little time for planning on the day, and a phone call early in the morning can mean you’re in class at the last minute, in an unfamiliar school with a group of students you have never met before. 

If you do have the opportunity to arrive early, familiarise yourself with the school environment and make yourself known to school administration. 

Always dress professionally and make sure you have a hat for outdoor activities (a whistle is sometimes handy too!)

If a lesson plan has been left by the classroom teacher – use it!

Always have a Plan B!  It’s a great idea to have an activity pack prepared in advance for a variety of age groups  – just in case!


Before students enter the classroom, write your name on the board.

Identify if there are any class rules posted.

Read through the class teacher’s lesson plan or check for a timetable.

If you find that you have a period of DOTT time during the day, this is a good opportunity to make sure all work is marked, or offer your help elsewhere in the school.  A good impression generally means that you will be requested for future work.

Leave a brief report for the classroom teacher at the end of the day, and sign out with school administration.

Build up a collection of emergency resources.  Preparation is the key to a successful day.

Assessment of Qualifications - ACECQA

The National Quality Framework (NQF) sets out minimum qualification requirements for educators working in children’s education and care services. 

If your qualifications have been obtained overseas, it is necessary for you to have your skills assessed by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), prior to applying for any roles within the Early Childhood Education/Childcare Industry.

ACECQA will provide you with a written assessment to show prospective employers that you are qualified to work at a particular level.

Prior to completing an application with Class Professionals for relief work, please make sure that you have been assessed by ACECQA and include a copy of their report with your online application, if you have been trained overseas.  This will ensure that you can maximise your work opportunities as soon as possible.

If you are unsure of what to do next ……… go to for further information!

Streamlining of Class Professionals Invoices

Good news for existing Clients!


We have recently streamlined our accounting system making it much easier for clients to access invoices.

Invoices will still be produced on a fortnightly basis, and all existing email recipients will be able to login to the Class Professionals website at anytime to view and pay current or outstanding invoices.

Once the invoice has been paid and processed by our office, it will no longer appear on the system. 

Maximise Your Work Opportunities with Class Professionals!



Don’t Forget!

If you have recently obtained a Department of Education and Training ID number and have not updated your information with Class Professionals, you could be missing out on work if we don’t have all your information! 

Please login to our website and check that you your registration details are up to date!



Class Professionals is proud to be associated with the Catholic Secondary Principals' Association of WA. 

As only one of a few selected sponsors, we will be attending their annual conference this Friday 13 June.

The Great Debate–Experienced Educators versus New Graduates!

Youth versus experience

With much written in the press over the last few days regarding the increase in pensionable age, we thought we would weigh in with our opinion!

We employ many educators with years of experience who are dedicated to providing 100% of their life skills and knowledge, who work alongside new graduates bursting with enthusiasm and fresh ideas.

Both exude different, yet complimentary qualities, which can only be a good thing.  Every workplace can benefit from having a mix of age groups, and in our experience, neither one is preferred over the other.  At the end of the day ‘a job well done’ is ‘a job well done.'

A Frequently Asked Question….

How much commission do I have to pay Class Professionals?

Even though this is answered in the FAQ page of our website, it is often a question that is at the forefront of many potential candidates minds.  Especially those coming from overseas and inter-state. 

As one of the regulations of the Employment Agents Act of Western Australia, the simple answer is……… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)


Class Professionals is always seeking Early Childhood professionals who have a very good understanding of the EYLF programme. 

We are currently recruiting Certificate III, Diploma qualified Educators and ECE teachers.  According to the National Quality Standard reforms, all centres providing long day care and pre-school services catering for 25 children or more, will be required to employ an ECE Teacher by 2020.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is designed to enrich children’s learning and was developed after extensive consultation with educators and leaders in the sector.  Early childhood professionals across the country have welcomed the EYLF with enthusiasm as an inspiring and important initiative  Many are currently beginning to implement the EYLF, with children the ones who will benefit. The EYLF will help services with their curriculum decision making, planning and in evaluating what is happening for the children in their program.  In many services as the EYLF is implemented there will be changes to the way the programs for children are developed.  Many parents will notice these changes in the way their service operates and in their children’s learning.