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A Frequently Asked Question….

How much commission do I have to pay Class Professionals?

Even though this is answered in the FAQ page of our website, it is often a question that is at the forefront of many potential candidates minds.  Especially those coming from overseas and inter-state. 

As one of the regulations of the Employment Agents Act of Western Australia, the simple answer is……… ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)


Class Professionals is always seeking Early Childhood professionals who have a very good understanding of the EYLF programme. 

We are currently recruiting Certificate III, Diploma qualified Educators and ECE teachers.  According to the National Quality Standard reforms, all centres providing long day care and pre-school services catering for 25 children or more, will be required to employ an ECE Teacher by 2020.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is designed to enrich children’s learning and was developed after extensive consultation with educators and leaders in the sector.  Early childhood professionals across the country have welcomed the EYLF with enthusiasm as an inspiring and important initiative  Many are currently beginning to implement the EYLF, with children the ones who will benefit. The EYLF will help services with their curriculum decision making, planning and in evaluating what is happening for the children in their program.  In many services as the EYLF is implemented there will be changes to the way the programs for children are developed.  Many parents will notice these changes in the way their service operates and in their children’s learning.



How to make sure your teaching application stands out in a good way!

The Class Professionals team would like to share our ‘top tips’ for success.

 Tailor It

  • Show that your values are aligned with the position you are applying for.  Do your research and show that you are going to “add value”.  Don’t send a generic letter.

Structure your letter

  • Bullet points and short paragraphs can help to emphasise points.  Always start with your most recent experience and work backwards.

Don’t leave any blanks

  • Make sure you include ALL professional development.

Sell yourself

  • Don’t think that your skills are irrelevant.  If you can play the piano, mention it, it may not be relevant to that particular position, but it is an added skill and might help to draw attention to your application!

Don’t forget the kids

  • Show awareness of the students’ needs and the wider local community.

Prove you can have an impact

  • Focus on your knowledge, practice and engagement.  ‘Unpack’ evidence rather than making general claims.

Proofread, Proofread and Proofread again!

  • You would be surprised at how many resumes we receive with very simple spelling errors.  One of the most common is School Principal spelt as Principle!